The deadline for submitting the REM (Emergency Income) application has been extended to May 31, 2021.

In the face of numerous requests, the Offices of the Patronage have welcomed many people in the trade union offices, who are experiencing a difficult time. These are the unemployed, who after the period indemnified by NASPI and DIS-COL had no alternatives or people placed in families with income and assets conditions below the limits set by law.

Access to the REM is incompatible with the Citizenship Income, with access to the bonus of 2400 euros provided for in the Support Decree and with the ownership of direct and indirect pensions with the exception of disability treatments

In particular, we point out that in addition to the seasonal employees of tourism and spas, all temporary or intermittent workers, who at the time of the application are not holders of a subordinate employment relationship for an indefinite period or on call with availability allowance, can access the COVID indemnity of 2400 euros all-inclusive.
However, they must have worked for at least 30 days in sectors other than tourism, spas and agriculture between 1 January 2019 and 23 March 2021 and their employment relationship must have ceased in the same time frame. The indemnity is compatible with Naspi and with any temporary employment contracts. Also in this case, the application can be submitted by May 31 asking for assistance from the Patronage.

The Government has supported in an important way a category of workers, which suffered more than the others because the reduction in consumption and the contraction in demand led to less use of flexible forms of work. For many of them this has meant the exhaustion of the few possibilities of income and the total lack of prospects in the short term. For this reason, we believe that the bonus tool is very useful for maintaining a large sector of insecurity that is increasingly relevant in terms of consistency.
The Sostegni Decree also provides for the possibility of accessing the bonus of 2400 euros also for Workers enrolled in the Entertainment Workers' Pension Fund who can claim at least 30 daily contributions paid in the period 1 January 2019 - 23 March 2021, from which an income not derived over 75,000 euros or at least 7 daily contributions with an income not exceeding 35,000 euros. Also these workers must not have a permanent employment relationship at the time of the application with the exception of intermittent work without availability allowance or be pensioners with the exception of Invalidity treatments.

From this point of view, too, we wanted to support one of the sectors most affected by the crisis, given the heavy restrictions on social life imposed by the COVID prevention policy. In many cases, income has gone to zero, in others it has greatly reduced. The initiative follows the measures provided for in Legislative Decree 137/2020, so those who have already benefited from the previous bonuses will not have to submit a new application. Those who have not done so will have to proceed by May 31st.

Support measures are also envisaged in the form of bonuses for occasional self-employed workers, already enrolled in the separate management on 23 March 2021 and for workers in charge of home sales.
Our Offices in L'Aquila, Avezzano, Sulmona, Carsoli, Pescina, Pratola Peligna and Castel di Sangro are available to users, in the most rigorous respect of the COVID contagion prevention rules, to respond to requests for individual advice and drafting of the applications for access to emergency income and all-inclusive bonuses of € 2400.