On April 30, the deadlines for submitting the application for access to Emergency Income (REM) expire. To do this, you must have a DSU for the ISEE and present your document and tax code at the Patronage Offices.

The benefit varies from a minimum of € 400 to a maximum of € 840 for the three months of March, April and May.

There are two access routes:
The first concerns the declarant, who resides in Italy and belongs to a family unit with an ISSE certificate below 15,000, with availability of movable assets under 10,000 (which can be raised up to 25,000 euros but only in some cases) and who in the month of February did not receive an income exceeding the expected benefit, plus 1/12 of the lease.
The second case concerns those who are unemployed or have an intermittent employment relationship without availability allowance, have an ISEE below 30,000 euros, have finished using the NASPI or DIS-COL between 1 July 2020 and 28 February 2021. .

The REM is incompatible with the use of the Citizenship Income and with the receipt of direct and indirect pensions, with the exception of invalidity treatments.

Every day in our offices we meet young and old alike, seriously affected by the weight of the crisis. The pandemic has significantly aggravated the material conditions of a large part of the population and inequality is a social burden that is difficult to bear. Many people ask us to be able to access the benefit to do the shopping, pay the rent or some bills due, but the money will not arrive before May 15 and everything becomes more complicated. The times of bureaucracy do not support people's life needs.
The government had to take note, however, that extraordinary interventions are needed to support the economy and after so many years of unbridled liberalism we can say that the time has really come to change course. The recurrence of May 1st is approaching and this is the time to put the value of work and dignity back at the center for those who no longer want to live on subsidies but on their manual work or ingenuity, in an inclusive and democratic society