4 new monthly payments relating to the Emergency Income are coming. The Sostegni bis Decree in fact provided for an extension for the months of June, July, August, September of this important income support tool. In the next few days INPS will indicate the methods of access, which must in any case take place electronically.

There is time until July 31 to apply, but you must be resident in Italy at the time of application, present an ISEE certificate below 15,000 Euros and not have, according to the cash principle, an income exceeding the benefit expected in April 2021.

We are talking about an economic content that varies from 400 to 840 euros per month for a limited period of time, which is not compatible with the Citizenship Income, with the ownership of direct and indirect pensions except for disability treatments and with others. bonuses provided to support income.

In recent months, our Patronage Offices have welcomed many people, young and old, who have been able to take a breather from an unprecedented economic crisis. Employment opportunities are reduced to a minimum and absolute and relative poverty is growing exponentially. The choice of the Government to refinance the REM was absolutely opportune also because the terms of access are largely inclusive but it would also be right to speed up payments to allow the recipients of the measure to lead the phase. In many cases the entitlements have not yet been paid, so we register a certain tension on the part of the potential recipients of the emergency income and we believe that the procedures must necessarily be speeded up.
What happens questions us about the inequality that is emerging and about the usefulness of building tables of political initiative and bridges on cultural visions aimed at greater social justice. Those who are left behind must not disappear, they must instead experience a new season of opportunity. In this sense, we believe that there is a lot to do in our area too and we try to do our part by making the facilities available to users and their families.

INCA CGIL L’Aquila Director
Dario Angelucci

L'Aquila, 27/05/2021

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